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Dt. Urmi Hariya

About Us

I am Nutritionist, Dietitian and yoga instructor Urmi Hariya. I always wanted to be in a field of healthcare so i chose this field. I try and keep updated on the latest news and trends. U can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

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How It Works

How It Works

Our Top Programs

Programs tailored to meet your every nutrition need.

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes

A therapeutic diet is usually a modification of a regular diet. It is modified to fit the Medical nutritional needs of an individual.

Post Pregnancy Nutrition Consultancy

Have you just delivered baby, and not sure about your diet and your baby’s development? This diet plan is for you.

Weight Gain Nutritional Consultancy

To gain your body weight and muslce mass plan to switch to a healthy eating pattern, this plan is best suited for you.

Group Consultation

Meet new, like-minded people to hit your goals together. Connect from anywhere in the world and start achieving your health goals

If they can, so can you

Creating diet plans that lead to lifestyle changing experiences

Country : India

Weight Loss: lost 5 kg weight in just 3 months

Bone Health Management: improved my muscle mass

“?"Hey, First of all I want to thankyou for everything you are doing for the Fitness Community. People who are willing to make efforts and don't have any direction or lead they need you.    Before even signing up for the plan, I knew and I believed that it's going to change me and I will make efforts to make it happen. I am seeing changes which I never saw in past 2 months. Changes I noticed and also everyone else. - Reduction in fat per. - Growth in Shoulder, triceps and leg muscles These all are positive changes but its on little scale. It's a slow process. Maybe after 3-5 months II see some drastic Changes."”

Country : India

Bone Health Management: improved my Vitamin D rofile

“i had knee pain issue at a very early age. I had a talk with Urmi and it turned our that i was vitamin D deficit and needed to solve this problem. she helped with proper diet and supplementation. I feel much better now. ”