Our Programs

Programs tailored to meet your every nutrition need.

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes

A therapeutic diet is usually a modification of a regular diet. It is modified to fit the Medical nutritional needs of an individual.

Post Pregnancy Nutrition Consultancy

Have you just delivered baby, and not sure about your diet and your baby’s development? This diet plan is for you.

Weight Gain Nutritional Consultancy

To gain your body weight and muslce mass plan to switch to a healthy eating pattern, this plan is best suited for you.

Weight Loss Nutrition Therapy

To loose your body weight and planning to switch to a healthy eating, this plan is best suited for you.

Lifestyle Modification for Boost Energy Level Including Diet Plans

Are your feeling low in your energy levels? This diet program will help you in keeping you energised for long hours.


This sports nutrition program is for all those are aspiring to create there future in sports, are recreational players but still are working hard to improve their performance also for those who are playing at a greater level.